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Past Projects

Year Title Author(s) Mentor(s) Research Area PDF
2021 Twins in Words and Shuffle Squares Emily Huang, Ihyun Nam, Rishubh Thaper Xiaoyu He Probability and Statistics, Combinatorics PDF icon twins_in_words_and_shuffle_squares.pdf
2021 Around Tokuyama's Formula Robin Truax, Logan Bell, Santi Aranguri, Chavdar Lalov Slava Naprienko Combinatorics PDF icon around_tokuyamas_formula.pdf
2021 Fibonacci Random Generator and Fourier Analysis Ethan Bogle, Owen Brass, Owen Shen Max Xu Probability and Statistics, Number Theory, Analysis PDF icon fibonacci_random_generator_and_fourier_analysis.pdf
2021 The Courant Nodal Domain Theorem Armaun Sanayei Eugenia Malinnikova PDE, Analysis PDF icon the_courant_nodal_domain_theorem.pdf
2021 Investigations on Automorphism Groups of Quantum Stabilizer Codes Hanson Hao Daniel Bump Applied Mathematics, Combinatorics, Abstract Algebra PDF icon investigations_on_automorphism_groups_of_quantum_stabilizer_codes.pdf
2021 Knots, links, and the search for exotic 4-spheres Julius Zhang Ciprian Manolescu Geometry and Topology PDF icon knots_links_and_the_search_for_exotic_4-spheres.pdf
2021 A Counterexample to an Endpoint Mixed Norm Estimate of Calderon-Zygmund Operators Zehan Hu Jonathan Luk Analysis PDF icon a_counterexample_to_an_endpoint_mixed_norm_estimate_of_calderon-zygmund_operators.pdf
2020 Computing F-Matrices for Modular Tensor Categories Galit Anikeeva Daniel Bump, Guillermo Antonio Aboumrad Theoretical Computer Science, Applied Mathematics PDF icon surim_report_galit.pdf
2020 On the Equilibrium Distributions of Leja Sequences on Curves Mateo Attanasio, Praneeth Kolichala, Chandler Watson Rodrigo Angelo Analysis PDF icon equilibrium_distributions.pdf
2020 Hat-Guessing on Graphs Zhuoer Gu, Yuzu Ido, Benjamin Przybocki Xiaoyu He Graph Theory, Probability and Statistics, Combinatorics PDF icon hat_guessing_on_graphs_final_report.pdf
2020 Irreducibility and Galois Groups of Random Polynomials Hanson Hao, Eli Navarro, Henri Stern Max Xu Probability and Statistics, Abstract Algebra PDF icon irreducibility_and_galois_groups_of_random_polynomials_hanson_hao_eli_navarro_henri_stern.pdf
2020 Constructing Solutions to the Allen-Cahn Equation Wenqi Li, Gautam Manohar, George Nakayama Jared Marx-Kuo PDE, Analysis PDF icon surim_allen_cahn_project.pdf
2019 Number of Solutions to Diophantine Equations and Relations to the Riemann Hypothesis Zhuoer Gu Daniel Bump Number Theory, Analysis PDF icon zhuor_gu_-_number_of_solutions_to_diophantine_equations_and_relations_to_the_riemann_hypothesis.pdf
2019 Integer Forms and Elliptic Curves Yuzu Ido, Ian Ruohoniemi, Matthew Stevens Dan Dore, Libby Taylor Abstract Algebra PDF icon yuzu_ido_ian_ruohoniemi_matthew_stevens_-_integer_forms_and_elliptic_curves.pdf
2019 Results on Sum-Free Sequences Jonathan Akaba, Aaron Kaufer, David Lin Kewei Rodrigo Sanches Angelo Number Theory PDF icon jonathan_akaba_aaron_kaufer_david_lin_kewei_-_results_on_sum-free_sequences.pdf
2019 The Tucker Train Formats as Low-Parametric Representation of Tensors with Applications Jason Zhu Vladimir Kazeev Analysis, Applied Mathematics PDF icon jason_zhu_-_the_tucker_train_formats_as_low-parametric_representation_of_tensors_with_applications.pdf
2019 High Order Dispersive Estimates for the Spherically Symmetric Einstein Field Eric Kilgore Jonathan Luk Analysis PDF icon eric_kilgore_-_high_order_dispersive_estimates_for_the_spherically_symmetric_einstein_field.pdf
2019 Couplings of Random Walks: A Prelude to Superconcentration Dmitri Saberi, Angela Song Probability and Statistics PDF icon dimitri_saberi_angela_song_-_couplings_of_random_walks_-_a_prelude_to_superconcentration.pdf
2019 The query complexity of degenerate graphs Ryan Alweiss, Chady Ben Hamida, Alexander Moreira Xiaoyu He Probability and Statistics, Combinatorics PDF icon chady_ben_hamida_alexander_moreira_-_the_query_complexity_of_degenerate_graphs.pdf
2018 Topics in Lattice Gauge Theory: Behavior of Wilson Loops in the Thermodynamic Limit Jaydeep Singh Sourav Chatterjee Abstract Algebra PDF icon 2018-singh.pdf
2018 On polynomial progressions in finite fields J. Bitz, J. Echevarra Cuesta, E. Kilgore Algebraic Geometry PDF icon 2018-poly-progressions-group.pdf
2018 Online Ramsey Numbers Anita Zheng, Angela Song, Dillon Kanne, David Gonzalez Xiaoyu He Combinatorics PDF icon 2018-online-ramsey-group.pdf
2018 Quantitative and Local Central Limit Theorems Bryce Cai, Annie Chen, Ben Heller, Eyob Tsegaye Felipe Hernandez Probability and Statistics PDF icon 2018-local-quantitative-clts-group.pdf
2018 Symmetric Homomorphisms of Abelian Varieties Quinn Greicius Algebraic Geometry, Abstract Algebra PDF icon 2018-greicius.pdf
2017 Schubert Calculus on the Grassmanian Leslie Tu Ravi Vakil Algebraic Geometry, Geometry and Topology, Abstract Algebra PDF icon 2017-tu.pdf
2017 Persistent Homology of Molecular Rotation Projections Patrick O’Neil Gunnar Carlsson Applied Mathematics, Geometry and Topology PDF icon 2017-oneil.pdf
2017 On some results in number theory Chen Lu Kannan Soundararajan Number Theory PDF icon 2017-lu.pdf
2017 A new bound and new techniques for the Erdos–Ginzburg–Ziv constant for finite abelian groups Jared Bitz, Cory Griffith Abstract Algebra PDF icon 2017-egz-group.pdf
2017 On Bernoulli Convolutions and Related Topics Mason Rogers, Arianna Serafini, Anav Sood Erik Bates Probability and Statistics PDF icon 2017-bernoulli-convolutions-group.pdf
2017 Zeros of modular forms and theta series from Brandt matrices Patrick Revilla, Katy Woo, Sungyeon Yang Number Theory PDF icon 2017-modular-forms-group.pdf